Files 300, Traffic/Month 100MB, $5 per 5 years

If there are no pitures in your posts, and only a few visitors to your blog, this plan will be good for you.  And in the next 5 years, no warry about the renew issues.

不再提供 Basic Plan 的直接付费,将由其它账户过期时自动降级为 Basic。(2016-11-30)


Files 500, Traffic/Month 2GB, $15/year

Sometimes you insert some pitures in your posts, of couse, you also have some visitors everyday.

This is a suitable plan for daily use. And besides, when it expires, your account will be downgraded to Basic Plan  automatically which is valid in the next another 5 years.


Files 3,000 Traffic/Month 20GB,$39/year

Besides blog, you also need albums on FarBox.

Maybe you have some fans from your visitors, and sometimes there may need more traffic for a greet post from you.

So, you need more files and traffic, this plan works.


Files 30,000 (about 150GB photos) Traffic/Month 100GB,$99/year

Lots of photos, traveled many places, or just photos about the little babies.

Or maybe you are a famous blogger.

Anyway, you need this plan for more and more files and visitors.


1. Files includes image, html, pdf .etc static files, excludes articles (if less than 5,000);

2. You can ask for a refund (except Basic) in 7 days, but you should learn about our Terms.

3. If your traffic is overfilled this month, the expiry date of your account will be shorter (in months) to remedy it.

4. When downgrading to Basic Account because of expiration, the Basic will be extended to the next five years without fee.

5. The price only includes the FarBox online service, excludes the extra (free) Apps/tools like FarBox Editor.